Tea ceremony experience!!

You can experience a Japanese tea ceremony at tea ceremony room with a view of a traditional Japanese small garden.

It's private!

We hope that you will enjoy!!

In the beginning, I will explain about the tea ceremony manners.

And then, you start tea ceremony experience.

After tea ceremony experience, let's make your own tea!

I will take lots of pictures during tea ceremony experience.

It will present to you!

You feel like spending the time slowly in my authentic tea room A small garden outside the tea room is also attractive!

🔶What I’ll provide🔶


Japanese sweet


Japanese tea (Matcha)    

Group tea experience

(Family/group )

The events are possible to change the date.

Please contact to us about detailes.

Experiene the tea ceremony while wearing authentic kimono

(Up to 4 person)

You can experience the tea ceremony while wearing authentic kimono in authentic tea room.

Please make a reservation advance that if you have interested.

・Kimono are Japanese traditional clothes.
・Kimono are principally made of wool, cotton and silk.
・Nowadays, we hardly ever wear kimono in daily life.
because the kimono is a little difficult to move in and to wear.
Also there are very expensive.
However, they are very beautiful.
So we wear kimono for special ceremonies or events.      

ken's tours

  • Hidden Fushimi Inari 

  • Explore the Geisha world

He is our staff named KEN.

He has  been personally running a small tour agency and offering walking tours. He has guided more than 1500 people so far. I promise that I'll answer you anything.

Japanese ikebana


Use Shippo and Kenzan experience ikebana,we have prepared all flower arrangement tools for you. You can take home after finished your flower arrangement

​Wearing  the KIMONO


Because the provided kimono is personally owned, there is a limited number. And the kimono is waist-banded style (see the picture below). We feel sorry that it will take a moment to put on the kimono due to the complicated wearing.


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