You can enjoy the four seasons in Kyoto while viewing our beautiful small garden from our

tea ceremony room.

"Shouji""Tatami" and "Chabudai"・・・The Japanese traditional style room is that makes you "hokkori"(relax).

Use of 1~2 people


Fell the warmth of the sunlight coming through the "Shouji" and smell the fregrance of the "Tatami" that wrap up memories of your trip.

This room is recommended for couples,friends, or 

even a single peason.

Use of 3~4 peoples


Have fan planning about your trip or talking about

various memories while relaxing on our "Futon".

This room is recommended for families or

a group of friends.


We have two style rooms.

In the case of

Japanese room (Up to 2 pleople)

"Use by 1 person"  4,500 JPY~ per person.

Japanese room (Up to 4 people)

※Ideal for 3 people, it be able to up to 4 people. If you use to 4 people, it full at the Futon.  (There is no storage space for your luggage.)

※Prices change according to the season.

Things in the room.

・All rooms with key.

Air conditioner / Refrigerator / TV / Hair dryer / Compact mirror

・We are preparing with futon bed and clean sheets.

・Towels and toothbrush are available.

※The shower room, toilets and wash basin are shared. There is a common area.

If you want to know detail or have any question,

please feel free to contact us.​


​京都北の隠れ宿 笑

TEL:  075-406-7771​