Question and Answer

We summarized the questions that we receive frequently from customers.

Please refer to below.

Q:Please let me know check in time?

A:Check  in :  From 13 pm to 18 pm.

    However, we will keep your luggage from 10 am. 

    And we will explain about our house rule and give the keys.

    After that, you can exit and enter the building freely.

Q:What time is curfew?

A:There is no curfew. 

    We will give you the gate key and room key.  

    And then, you can exit and enter the building freely.   The gate is automatically locked.

Q:Can I stay with groups?

A:Yes, It's up to 23 people with stay.

    There are house rules or information about our house.

    Please contact to us about accommodation fee.

Q:Are meals provided?

A:Meals are not provided.

   There are convenience store, supermarket and some restaurants within 5 minutes on foot.

   Also  we are prepare microwave, toaster, utensils and dishes in the kitchen.

   So you can bring food in the kitchen and make a cook.

Q:Can I make a cook?

A:Yes, there is a kitchen. Basic cooking utensils and dishes are available, so please use freely it.

   However, please clean up after use. Because the kitchen is common area.

Q:Is there a refrigerator?

A:There are the small refrigerator in each rooms.  Bottles up to 2 liters will enter.

Q:Is there a smoking room?

A:No, they isn't.  Our rooms (also balcony) are all non-smoking rooms.

   The smoking area is in the yard of outside the living room.

Q:What do you have amenities?

A:We have a toothbrush, towels in the room.

   There is a rental yukata for sleeping.  (300 JPY per stay)

   If you need, please let us know in advance.

   And also, there is a heardryer in the room and the bathroom.

Q:Please let me know check out time?

A:Check out is up to 10 am. There is no check out procedure.

    Also you can check out to early morning.

Q:Can I use the shower room anytime?

A:Yes, you can.

    The shower room, wash basin and toilet are divided to women on 3rd and men on 4th floor.

    Also there is private bathroom that can use up to 3 people. ( Free / You need reservation in advance.) 

Q:Can I use a credit card?

A:You can use VISA, mastercard, JCB, AMERICANEXPRESS, Diners Club and DISCOVER over 5000 JPY.

    Depending on plan or price we may ask you to pay by cash. Please contact to us in advance.

Q:When is payment of the cancellation fee?

A:It is 50% of accommodation fee from 1 week before your accommodation day.

   ・Before 3 days : 70% of accomodation fee

   ・Before day and that day : 100% of accommodation fee

   ・No stay without contact : 100% of accommodation fee

​※There is another cancellation rule at cancellation of the group.

Q:From what time to what time are you accept booked or contact? 

A:From 10 am to 7 pm.

Q:Are there big bath or hot sprimg in your house?

A:No, Private bath is the biggest in our house's facilities.

   There is famous Funaoka onsen (hot spring) in nearby.

   It's popular to customers.

Q:Can I experience the tea ceremony anytime?

A:Excuse me, we have to check the tea ceremony teacher's schedule. 

    Please let me know your desire day  and number of people in advance.

Q:Does the staff resident?

A:The randlord lives on the second floor.

   There are landloed and staff at day time in facility.

   Please ask to us anything.


Q:If I am in trouble, may I call the reception?

A:Please ask to the staff room on 2nd floor, because there is not the phone in the room.

   We accept from 9:00am to 7:00pm. Please knock the door or please send an email.

     Please knock in case of emergency after 9:00 pm.  However please pardon other than that.

Q:Can I invate my friend and stay in the living room?

A:No, you can't.

    The only custmer can enter the house.

    Basically, other people can not enter the house. Because our house has autmatically cecurity.

    And we have to protect all guests.

Q:Is it close to sightseeing spots from there?

A:we recommend Kamigamo Shrine · Shimogamo Shrine · Funaoka Onsen · 

   Daitokuji · Imamiya Shrine · Kyoto Imperial Palace · Kinkakuji Temple and Kamo river.

   Please use public transportation to Ginkakuji, Kiyomizu-dera and Nijo castle.

   It's around 30 minutes.

   Fushimi Inari and Arashiyama to go to around 40 minutes by train.

   If you confused about sightseeing schedule, please consult to us anytime :)


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