You can enjoy the four seasons in Japan into our boasting small Japanese garden.

The all rooms are traditional Japanese style room and it is private room on keyed.

So you can spend relaxing.

In our house, the shower room and the restroom are shared (The third floor is for women, the fourth floor for men.).

And, there is the living room with the kitchen.

So I think that we would like you to use it in a place where customers exchange information.

● About accommodation ●
· Business hours :10 am ~ 7 pm
· Check in :1 pm ~ 6 pm

· Check out until : Until 10 am

● About curfew ●
There is no curfew after check-in.
We will give you the keys, so you can exit and enter the building freely.
However, please be quiet for other guests when you returning late.

● About meals ●
· Meals are not provided. There is a super market and a convenience store within a 5-minute walk.
· You can cook in the kitchen, and relax in the living room.
  We prepare Japanese tea, coffee, and western-style tea. Thoes are free.

● Please ●
· No smoking inside the house. You can smoke in the smoking area outside.

※If the staff finds you smoke inside room, you have to pay for indemnity.

■ Shared ■
□Kitchen · living room
Wi-Fi (wireless LAN), TV, refrigerator, dining table, microwave ,
toaster, kettle pot , small rice cooker, dishes, seasoning.

□Shower, Toilet, Washing Machine
These are divided into men's (4th floor) and women's (3rd floor). The first floor is shared.
The shower room has rinse in shampoo and body soap.
There is a washing machine and detergent on 3rd and 4th floor.

There is a hair dryer on the each rooms and the sink in each floor.
※ The toilet is not attached to the room. It's public.


□Things in the room

All rooms with key.

Air conditioner / Refrigerator / TV / Hair dryer / Compact mirror

・We are preparing with futon bed and clean sheets.

・Towels and toothbrush are available.


​京都北の隠れ宿 笑

TEL:  075-406-7771​